Make your Photos Beautiful with a Stunning Backdrop

FREE with all 4 Hour Bookings, normally £80!

What is a backdrop?

A backdrop refers to anything that can be used to enhance the look of the photograph. Put simply, the filling in of a background is the backdrop and the differences are incredible. Check our our example below :

No Backdrop

We have 7 Stunning Backdrops for all occasions whether its for a Wedding, Birthday Party, Christmas, Christening or even a Corporate Event! Which ever one you choose you can be sure of studio quality photographs. Made to order our custom backdrops are simply awesome plus we don't know of any other company in South Wales to use them so make your event totally unique and add one on to your booking today!

  1. Enhance the background creating stunning photos every time

  2. No more photo bombers

  3. Superb Quality photos every time, no blurry passers by

  4. Backdrops to suit your theme or occasion

  5. FREE with every 4 Hour booking, normally £80

  6. Unique Photos like no other!

With Backdrop

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