Terms and Conditions of Hire


The Hirer of our services agree to the following terms and conditions of the hire of our services when a full or part payment is received in reference to your booking. We therefore recommend you retain a copy of these terms and conditions for your records.


Deposits, Payments and Bookings

   •    When a booking is made with iDoo Photo Booths regardless of the method of contact it is deemed that the customer has read, understood and is bound by our terms and conditions of hire.

   •    A *non-refundable booking fee of £50 per item is required on booking to secure an event date and to cover the admin costs of processing your booking, you have 24 hours from booking to pay this either by Debit or Credit Card or Bank transfer. If the booking fee is not received in this time then the date will be released to other customers.

   •    Cancellations and / or postponements must be made in writing to the company and by the hirer stated on the booking form. Cancellations will incur a £60 cancellation fee to cover admin costs and to compensate us for the risk that we may not take another booking for your date. The following applies when postponing or cancelling events less than 20 weeks but more than 10 weeks - a 50% of the balance is due. Less than 10 weeks all of the balance is due. We recommend adequate Event Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.​

  • We reserve the right to adjust and increase our prices for the products booked should you change the Wedding Date stated on your booking form to the next or any following years. Where Wedding receptions, events, celebrations are permitted a £30 amendment fee will be applied to your booking.

Any cancellation or postponement by the hirer in relation to any circumstance out of the hirers control will not entitle the hirer to a refund for any outstanding balances monies paid to us if cancelled within 10 weeks of the event date. Any booking cancelled outside of 10 weeks will be entitled to a refund minus the booking fee and cancellation fee. Subject to Availability we may be able to change the Product/s booked to another date. We recommend that you are covered with adequate Event Insurance.​

   •    All full balances need to be received and cleared 28 days prior to the event.

   •    All equipment remains the property of iDoo Photo Booths at all times

Space and access, venue, location and equipment

   •    It is your responsibility to ensure iDoo Photo Booths is given the correct venue address, postcode and contact details. The company cannot be held responsible for delays due to incorrect informtion.

   •    The photo booth has the following dimensions a 5ft by 8ft an area of 7ft by 10ft is required for construction. For the Magic Mirror we require a similar sized space to allow for the Red Carpet and guests to use the magic mirror.

   •    iDoo Photo Booths are covered by Public Liability Insurance and all our equipment is PAT tested. It is your responsibility to check ths is acceptable by the venue.

We are not responsible if the venue refuses to allow iDoo Photo Booths to operate.

   •    iDoo Photo Booths cannot be held responsible if the venues electric supply is faulty and effects the running of our equipment. If it is shown that the venue is at fault no refund is due, if the fault is with iDoo Photo Booths then a refund will be payable.

   •    Photo booth is for indoor use only or in a totally waterproof marquee with a solid floor. Between 1st of October and the 1st of May marquees must be heated.

   •    Hired equipment will be set up in one location agreed on arrival and once unloaded cannot be moved.

   •    If the above conditions are not met the hire fee is still payable.

Timings and set up services

   •    In the event you need to change timings we will do our best to accommodate them but can’t guarantee we can meet these changes.

   •    We will arrive approx. 60 minutes prior to the event any idle time needed prior to the event will be charged at £25 an hour. All these timings need to be arranged by you with the venue.

If we arrive at the Venue at the agreed time on the booking form time but cannot set-up and our start time is delayed due to anything not related to ourselves the end time will remain the same as per the booking confirmation. This may include for example prolonged speeches, delays throughout the day, hotel or venue issues.

Power supply

   •    The Photo booth requires access to mains supply electricity within 10 metres of the booth. If using a generator please advise us in advance to ensure it is suitable.

Damage to equipment and safety of staff, termination of hire

   •    In the event of behaviour by guests that could affect the safe running of our equipment, damage to the photo booth, props or other equipment, or rudeness, un-neccasary behaviour or threats to our staff we reserve the right to immediately cease use of the equipment and remove it from the event. In this instance the hire fee still remains the same and no refund will be issued due to less running time.

   •    The customer is responsible for any damage to the booth by their guests.

   •    If the attendant feels due to excess alcohol someone is unfit to use the booth we reserve the right to refuse them access to the booth.

Events beyond our control

   •    iDoo Photo Booths cannot be held responsible for circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event that are out of our control. If this occurs we will only be liable for refunding the monies paid to us.

Health and safety

   •    Participants must be physically fit to take part in the photo booth activities, and free from any illnesses or conditions which may render the activity hazardous. iDoo Photo Booths accepts no responsibilities if clients do not adhere to these rules.

No Liability

   •    Loss or damage to property owned by those using the photo booth, or personal injury or death of any participants however caused, unless proven negligence of iDoo Photo Booths.

Use of images

   •   We may use images for advertising and promotional purposes. If you do not wish for this to happen please let us know.

   •    We will delete any images deemed to be offensive, or could cause embarrassment to individuals and will remove any picture from our online gallery. The named person on the booking form will be the only person to receive the link and password to the online gallery. Images are held on our hardware for a maximum of 2 months and will then be deleted. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure they have a copy of the images within 2 months of the event date.

   •   No photos are uploaded to social media without prior consent, you take responsibility for allowing all and any users to upload any images.


   •    The client means the person or company or organisation booking the photo booth equipment.

   •    iDoo Photo Booths is the service provider.

   •    Booking form refers to any booking form or terms and conditions contained on our website, emailed or posted to you and signed either digitally or in person

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions without prior consent.

*By not requesting a refund within 14 days of the booking date it is deemed that you agree to and are bound by these terms and conditions.




  1. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the area for the dance floor is flat, level and suitable, and in the case of the Dance Floor, LOVE letters and Uplighters, does not contain metal plates or raised metal edges which can short circuit the floor or damage and or cut electric cables. Strictly no objects including tables and/ or chairs are to be placed on the dancefloor. We will not be held responsoble if the Dance floor is not level due to the floor its being laid on is not level, has obtrusions, obstacles, sloped or is not a solid floor as this may affect the operation of the floor. We will not be held responsible if this affects the performance of the Dance floor and is the customers responsibility. If you are unsure please advise us so we can visit the venue. If the area designated for the dancefloor is not large enough for the size of floor ordered, we will install a smaller more suitable floor at the same price.

  2. It is the clients respponsibility to ensure a clear path, free of tables and chairs, from the dancefloor to a working power supply.

  3. A non-refundable reservation fee of £50 per item required is required on booking to secure an event date, you have 24 hours from booking to pay this deposit either by BACS, Cash or by cheque. If the deposit is not received in this time then the date will be released to other customers.

5. Any breakages (broken glass etc) and spillages must be immediately swept and cleaned up and removed from the Dance Floor, LOVE letters & Uplighters. These can cause serious damage if left and may affect its operation. If there are any spillages which affects the operation of the product we will not be liable for a part or full refund, it is the hirers full responsibilty and if this is the case then they may be liable for any costs to repair or replace.
6. Please treat the Dance Floor, LOVE letters & Uplighters as you would any other electrical product.
7. Please avoid standing on the power cables. This may stop the Dance Floor, LOVE letters and / or Uplighters from working.

8. Confetti, especially metal confetti, and confetti cannons, are not allowed under any circumstances. These can both short circuit the Dance Floor, LOVE letters and/or Uplighters causing it to go off and cause permanent damage to the electrical components and power supply which we will charge for.

9. We advise that the client and their guests do not take and or leave drinks on the Dance Floor, LOVE letters & Uplighters. Any drinks spilled on the Dance Floor, LOVE letters & Uplighters may cause the floor to stop working via short circuit. We cannot be held responsible if the Dance Floor, LOVE letters and/ or Uplighters will not re-light due to issues caused by spilled drinks by the client or their guests.

10. We are always on call for the Dance Floor, LOVE letters and Uplighters. As they are electric it is highly unlikely we may be needed to sort any problems, however it is your responsibilty to ensure you have our phone number on the night so we can come and sort any issues for you. We cannot deal with any issues after the event if we have not been notified during the event . 

11. If the Dance Floor, LOVE letters and/ or Uplighters have been damaged or stop working in use we will give you the option of taking up the dancefloor or removing the LOVE Letters or Uplighters and trying to fix the problem for you. It is your choice whether we do so, which may mean clearing the dancefloor area until fixed. We may not be able to resolve the problem if you do not allow this.





1. We do not tolerate any abuse, bad language or threatening behaviour to our staff under any circumstances from clients, guests or venue staff. We will explain to you if we do and give you chance to sort the issue, if the behaviour reoccurrs this can lead to us removing our services immediately.
2. Any issues with any of our services must be reported to us immediately so we can rectify the issue. We cannot rectify any problems after the event and no refund will be .
3. We require adequate and safe entry and exit as well as close parking to set up all events.
4. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the venue has adequate power supplies for the services ordered.
5. We are not responsible for any issues caused by venues power supplies.
6. Any damages will be reported to the venue and yourselves and will be charged for.
7. We will at all times adhere to Health & Safety regulations and cannot be held responsible if these affect services ordered.
8. When hiring equipment from us the client is responsible for ensuring all equipment is returned safely and in the condition it was left in. Any damages or loss of equipment or theft shall be chargeable to the client.
9. No one, including client, guests or venue staff, is to move any of our equipment at all under any circumstances. If something needs to be moved we must be informed prior.
10. All services are at the discretion of the venue regarding designated areas for our services. It is the clients responsibility to sort any specific requirements including room set up with the venue.
11. If specific start and end times are not stated on the booking form, these shall be start 7.30pm and finish midnight.
12. It is the clients responsibilty to ensure any products or services booked are suitable for use at the chosen venue.

Thank you

John Millward

iDoo Photo Booths and Starlight Dance Floors