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Corporate Magic Mirror Hire South Wales Cardiff


For the best in Brand Awareness and maximum exposure you need the equipment thats going to draw the crowds combined with the expertise and knowledge of a Professional Team. When selecting your Photo Booth or Magic Mirror Hire supplier why base it on the price? We've all heard of 'you get what you pay for' right? Why run the risk of disappointment, wasting money and losing those once in a lifetime opportunities? With the most creative and innovative products on the markets we can create a totally customisable experience and display your brand on the Screens, the Prints and even work closely with a Graphic Designer whole create fully branded vinyl wraps for whatever product you choose!

Our team of Experts will make sure you get the very best from Super Sharp Quality Photos with the best selection of props right through to the template design of your choice. Not only do all our Products look the part, our team of attendants do too!

From a Premium Company you can expect a premium service, everything is tailored to your requirements so you get exactly what you want.

We could cut corners and offer you a sub average product at a cheap price but thats not us and never will be, so what do we differently?

Here's some examples...

Corporate Magic Mirror Hire Cardiff
Branded Prints
Branded Start Screens
Photo Booth Hire at Celtic Manor Newport
Branded Exterior
Magic Mirror Hire Hilton Cardiff
Great Choice of Quality Props
Magic Mirror Hire Chepstow
Exclusive Backdrops
Selfie Mirror at a Wedding in Newport
Happy Clients


Photo Booth Hire Cardiff for Disney
Photo Booth Hire O2 Cardiff
Magic Mirror Hire at Hollad House Hotel
Magic Mirror Hire Vale Hotel
Magic Mirror Hire for Twinnings London
Magic mirror Hire Cardiff for SKY TV
Photo Booth Hire Cardiff City Hall


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